Hyper-V error "IDE/ATAPI Account does not have sufficient privilege to open attachment..."

I have Microsoft Hyper-V running on my laptop (Windows 8). After the installation and configuration was a little bit of a pain (getting an Internet connection wasn't that easy for me) it works very well. Unfortunately I did another major mistake. I wanted to use my VM for classes for testing iptables, and still use it afterwards. But instead of making a snapshot, I did what I was used to do on VirtualBox - copied the file. And once I deleted the destroyed VM and copied my file back, I couldn't start the machine any more. The error displayed was:

IDE/ATAPI Account does not have sufficient privilege to open attachment...

I've found quite fast an article on MSDN but the fix just didn't work for me. What worked was simply

  1. remove the Hard Disc which has the "broken" VHD loaded
  2. create a new Hard Disc
  3. load the VHD there inside.

Hyper-V will set all necessary permissions on it's own.